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12 Spices That Provide Some Pretty Bomb DIY Beauty Hacks

12 Spices That Provide Some Pretty Bomb DIY Beauty Hacks

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Since this is the time of the year when, even those who try and avoid the kitchen as much as possible still end up preparing at least one homemade dish, I thought it would be cool to inspire you to pick up some extra spices to add to your collection (especially if your spice rack is pretty minimal).

No, not so you’ll find yourself making ginger loaf cake or Christmas cookies for what will feel like the rest of your life — more like so that, after the holiday hype has subsided a bit, you can create some unique ways to use those same cooking spices as beauty treatments for your skin and hair.

Below, I’ve got 12 spices for you that can totally make that happen. So, if all-natural is always what you prefer as far as your beauty regimen goes, I’ve got some proven ways to apply spices that just might surprise you.

1. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is a spice that comes with all sorts of health benefits. Thanks to its potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s able to do everything from strengthening your immunity and fighting against infections to helping control your blood sugar levels, lowering your blood pressure, and even keeping your oral health where it needs to be.

The reason why it tops my personal list of bomb beauty hacks is that you can use it as a main ingredient in a DIY bronzer (recipe here), put a teaspoon of it into some lukewarm distilled water and instantly have a homemade mouthwash, or you can sprinkle some of it into a carrier oil like coconut or sweet almond and create a lip gloss that comes with a bit of shimmer. Pretty cool, right?

2. Juniper Berries

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Juniper berries grow on a particular kind of evergreen shrub here in America as well as in Asia and Europe. And although you don’t hear about it a ton, a lot of people like to add them to their potato dishes. Health-wise, they’re good for you because the potent plant compounds in them are also great for your immune system. Plus, they’ve been known to naturally treat diabetes, keep your heart strong, and if you’re looking for a natural way to heal a yeast infection, their antifungal properties are pretty solid, too.

On the beauty tip, some use it as a deeply penetrating and detoxing face mask (recipe here), others like it as a face toner (recipe here), and still, some infuse their own oil so that the astringent properties can help to soothe and heal breakouts (recipe here). Bottom line, if you’re looking for a chemical-free way to clear up your complexion, juniper berries are well worth trying out.

3. Arrowroot

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A veggie that is oftentimes processed as flour and used as a spice is arrowroot. It is packed with fiber, protein, and folate (like a totally off-the-charts amount), and it also has some iron, phosphorus, and potassium in it. If you want to boost your immune system or shed a few pounds, the assistance of arrowroot can make that happen.

It’s the way that arrowroot is used as a beauty source is why I like it so much, though. Some people use it in their all-natural bronzer (recipe here). Others use it as the base for a deodorant paste (recipe here). Some like it as a setting powder (video here). And in extract form, it can be a great spot treatment for pimples. Oh, and if you’d prefer an alternative to skin powder (like if you’ve got big breasts like I do and you want to keep moisture at bay), arrowroot is a wonderful alternative. Yeah, out of all of the spices mentioned, definitely prioritize having this one on tap.

4. Ginger

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I think it’s probably common knowledge at this point that if you’re looking for a spice that makes nausea (which is something that is the absolute worst) easier to deal with, ginger has that covered. However, did you also know that it can bring relief to sore muscles after a workout, lessen the discomfort of menstrual cramps, relieve indigestion, lower your cholesterol levels, help with indigestion, and even improve your brain function?

And what can ginger do for you, beauty-wise? Some folks use it to lighten acne marks, while others find it to be an effective way to treat hair loss or to bring moisture back to their locks. Also, if you add fresh ginger to some coconut oil, its antiseptic properties can treat dandruff or an itchy scalp (you can read more about all of this here).

6. Tarragon

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Tarragon is a green herb that’s a great complement to dishes you want to add a hint of citrus to. As far as your health goes, the properties in it help to reduce inflammation, fight off fungal infections, help relieve depression-related symptoms, and even slow down the rate of cancer cells.

Something that tarragon is also known for is being able to significantly speed up the healing process of skin when it comes to issues like dermatitis or surface wounds. There’s also been research around the fact that it can help to improve your quality of sleep. And since sleep deprivation can lead to dark eye circles, fine lines, and even droops at the corner of your mouth — yeah, tarragon deserved to get on this list too, chile.

7. White Pepper

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Something that I personally enjoy cooking with is white pepper. It’s a fave of mine because it provides a “peppery” taste without being as strong as black pepper. If you’re curious about its health benefits, white pepper promotes digestion, lowers your blood pressure, and has quite a few antioxidants in it. Some research says that it can also help to tame a stubborn cough, reduce the pain of a headache, or clear up congestion in your nose as well.

Consider adding it to your beauty regimen if you want to remove unwanted hair (I know, right?), get rid of dandruff, and/or soften the appearance of wrinkles. If you want to read more about all or any of this, StyleCraze has your back right here.

8. Vanilla

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The active ingredient in pure vanilla extract is a plant compound known as vanillin. It’s got antioxidants in it. Not only that, it’s also loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Something else that it’s known for is being “neuroprotective;” this means that it helps to protect your brain. So, if you’re looking for a spice that will boost your brain function, lower your blood sugar, relieve anxiety, improve your mood, or, in some cases, even lower your fever — look no further than this sweet lil’ treat.

Since vanilla also has anti-aging properties, you can also use it as an ingredient in a DIY face mask. Or, if you want softer and/or longer hair, you can add it to a carrier oil and create a pampering hair treatment for your tresses, too. You can read more about how to do both of these here.

9. Paprika

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If y’all don’t already know about influencer Christiana’s TikTok page, you betta ask somebody! Lawd, she’s stunning, and I personally think that she represents femininity in such an excellent way. Anyway, whenever I share some of her videos with some of my male friends, it’s hilarious that one of the things they salivate over is her spice collection. In fact, one of my favorite people says that no one is a real cook without one — and paprika is one of the first spices that he looks for.

Anyway, paprika is a healthy spice because it’s a good source of protein, fiber, and vitamin E. It’s got some health benefits, including the fact that it helps to boost your eye health, lower your cholesterol levels, keep your blood healthy, and reduce inflammation. Some health experts also say that paprika can protect your skin from damaging UV rays and help to reduce pain levels as well.

Along with the vitamin E, paprika also contains a good amount of antioxidants. That’s why some combine it with honey in order to give themselves a glowing complexion. I’ve even read that if you want to add a hint of red to your hair without actually applying a brand-name dye, paprika can get the job done (recipe here). The more you know.

10. Horseradish

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Technically, horseradish is considered to be a cruciferous vegetable; however, due to its pretty strong and distinctive flavor, it’s often used as a spice. Since it contains antibacterial properties, horseradish has been hailed as something that can help fight cancer, clear up sinuses, and even help heal chronic nail infections.

And just what can it do for your beauty-wise? A blog that I think is pretty solid is One Good Thing. Jillee shouts it out as a way to soften the appearance of age spots (recipe here). Also, since horseradish is so spicy, Food even published an article (and recipe here) about how applying some of it to your hair (in the form of a mask) can help to increase blood circulation to your scalp, which can ultimately lead to hair growth.

12. Celery Seeds

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It’s kinda wild, just how many nutrients are in tiny little celery seeds. Beta-carotene? It has that. Vitamin C? It has that. Manganese (which helps your body to create bone tissue and strengthen your sex hormones)? It’s got that too. And all of this, along with other things, celery seeds help your system as far as lowering your blood pressure, improving your libido, and even increasing fertility.

If you’re looking for a deep skin cleanser that won’t strip away your natural oils, celery seed in the form of an essential oil can help to hook you up. Also, if you put “celery seed extract” into your TikTok search field, you’ll see that lots of people use it to keep their nail cuticles in good condition.


See…I told you that spices can have a multi-purpose. So, the next time you head out to the grocery store, pull this article up on your phone and get a few or all of these (remember, the fresher, the better, by the way)! As you just read, they all are good to your taste buds, great for your health, and wonderful when it comes to your appearance. A big win, all the way around…wouldn’t you say? #samehere

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