July 13, 2024


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Ayesha Curry’s must-have beauty & skin care products

Ayesha Curry’s must-have beauty & skin care products

There was a time when Ayesha Curry was best known for being the wife of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, mother to their three children, a successful chef and a bestselling cookbook author. While all that still stands true, in recent years, her role as a lifestyle entrepreneur has exploded into the forefront.

Curry’s Sweet July brand is nothing short of prolific. In addition to an online shop, there’s also the flagship brick-and-mortar store in Oakland, California, that purveys the Sweet July lineup of lifestyle products (think candles, linen napkins and journals) and wares from black- and women-owned small businesses. Then there’s the production company, the quarterly magazine, the online community and the book division.

Last but certainly not least, there’s Sweet July Skin, the beauty and skin care arm of Curry’s empire that debuted this past summer. “Sweet July Skin came about out of sheer necessity,” Curry tells CNN Underscored. “I wanted something that could work for me. I had also been hearing from my grandma and my mom my whole life about these amazing Jamaican remedies that they used for their skin. So, we worked with a lab and a chemist and formulated the most effective Caribbean-based skin care on the market.”

Perpetually glowing and dewy, Curry says her own skin care routine is based on simplicity. “I have very problematic, acne-prone skin, so keeping it simple has been what I found works best for my skin type,” she says. “That flows from skin care all the way down to the makeup that I put on my face on a daily basis.”

After years spent in front of the camera, we had one final (major!) question for Curry: What’s her best beauty tip? “Wash my face before bed no matter what, drink water and do not pick at the zits,” she shares. “Even if you get a breakout, don’t pick at it, as tempting as it might seem.”

Below, Curry shares her holy grail beauty and skin care picks, plus one must-have travel item.

We love a good set, and so does Curry. “For me, it is all about a cleansing/toner combo, and Sweet July Skin’s Pava Exfoliating Cleanser and Pava Toner are amazing,” Curry says. “You get a nice, deep clean and gentle exfoliation with the cleanser, and tighten and tone the pores with our Pava Toner that has a little glycolic acid in it.” Loaded with papaya and guava extracts (hence the nickname, “pava”), the cleanser removes makeup and exfoliates, while the toner resurfaces and dissolves dead skin cells. 

This editor-loved lip mask from Laneige is a favorite of Curry’s as well. “No matter how many times I try something new, it still ends up being the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask,” Curry says, adding that she loves to use it at night and “in the mornings before doing makeup.” Packed with coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin C, this nourishing lip product can be applied before bed or used throughout the day.

A healthy scalp is key to promoting hair growth, and Curry turns to this serum from La La Anthony’s brand to get the job done. “It helps with growth and [is] for the edges and any spots that you may have,” she says. “It’s a very effective product.” Oil-free, this leave-in treatment not only promotes hair growth but also works to strengthen individual strands and prevent breakage. 

How does Curry achieve her signature look? “Got2b Ultra Glued for the baby hairs and for doing super-wet slicked-back looks,” she says. The non-flaky gel can be used on damp or dry hair and is easily washed out with shampoo.

Wellness is a key part of Curry’s routine, which also includes using this luxe body care trio from Tatcha. “I love the Tatcha Awakening product line right now for the shower and post-shower,” she says. Suitable for all skin types, the set includes a soft gel body scrub, a lightweight and milky lotion, and a nongreasy body oil that locks in moisture and provides a relaxing experience.

Often on the road, Curry has a clear pick when it comes to her travel gear. “It has to be my Sweet July Weekender Bag,” she says. “It’s a nice big bag to just throw everything in. It folds up nicely if you need to put it in your suitcase, and it also just looks really chic.” Woven from a cotton-linen blend, the zip-top bag has two interior pockets that each fit a 750-milliliter bottle of wine perfectly. Done and done. 

Investing in a luxe scent is always worth it, and this one is Curry’s top pick. “My favorite fragrance is called Last Night by Edward Bess,” she says. “I discovered it on my 30th birthday searching for scent profiles, and it fit me the best.” With notes of Bulgarian rose, leather and smoke, this perfume is one of seven options from the eponymous cosmetics line founded by the former model.