June 16, 2024


Define Beauty Yourself

Did you try these celeb-approved DIY beauty tips in 2022?

Who doesn’t want clear, glowing and flawless skin? With a neverending obsession toward achieving the skin of your dreams, the beauty market is constantly on a high with several products and trends. While beauty trends may come and go, nothing beats the interest towards DIY skincare techniques. Like every year, this year, too, celebrities shared a bunch of DIY skincare remedies they swear by with their followers.

As 2022 nears its end, let’s look back at a few such popular beauty tips shared by your favourite B-town celebrities.

Alaya F on how to combat skin bloating

We all experience face bloating, especially after waking up. While it usually goes away after an hour or so, it persists for a longer duration for some people. To help manage this, Alaya said that she relies on “cucumber lemon mint water, gua sha, face roller and ice”. The actor also shared a ‘sculpting and lifting 5-minute face massage” which she claims is “super easy, super effective and super quick!”

Priyanka Chopra’s lip scrub

To give your lips an instant hydration boost, Priyanka shared an easy-to-make DIY lip scrub. “You take a little sea salt depending on the size of your lips. Add 100 per cent pure vegetable glycerine, and a little bit of rose water so it’s gentle when you apply,” the actor said, explaining the simple method of making this lip scrub. Once done, rub it gently on your lips before wiping/washing it off.

Bhagyashree’s tip to eliminate dark circles and pigmentation

Blame it on our lifestyles or our inadequate nutrition, dark circles and under-eye pigmentation are common among people nowadays. To combat them, Bhagyashree shared an easy DIY remedy. In the video, the actor can be seen extracting some aloe vera gel from the leaf, which she kept in a bowl. Next, she scooped out the inside of the banana peel and mixed the two ingredients. She then applied the mixture under her eyes. “Apply it and let it remain for about 20 minutes before you wash it away with cold water. Do try this,” she suggested.

Mira Kapoor’s Ayurvedic remedy for glowing skin

Mira completely swears by Ayurveda and frequently shares tips for others to follow. In one of her Instagram stories this year, she suggested an Ayurvedic practice that includes drinking ghee, called ‘Snehapana’. She explained that the purpose of “drinking medicated ghee or Snehapana is internal oleation”. “Ghee is closest in structure to our body lipids and works best to dislodge ama (toxins), carry them out to be eliminated and nourish the cells of the body.”

Mira shares an Ayurvedic skin remedy (Photo: Instagram/@mira.kapoor)

Sonnalli Seygall’s face wash tip

Not just your skincare products, the water used for washing your face can also make a significant difference to your skin. As such, Sonnalli was seen washing her face with carbonated water for skincare benefits namely, unclogging pores, removing dirt and excess oil, and reducing acne.

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