February 23, 2024


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DIY makeup hacks to hide double chin at any age

Image Source : TWITTER//@PATTYOLOVESU DIY Makeup hacks will help you hide your double chin at any age.

Makeup does not just enhance our beauty, but it also helps to hide some flaws that we don’t want the world to see. While pastries, ice creams, and desserts definitely crave our sweet tooth, they add to our weight. And when they add another layer to our chins, our dreams of getting a chiseled jawline like Kim Kardashian seems just impossible.


Well, worry not. Makeup is a magic wand that can tackle all your woes in a jiffy. With some simple tips and tricks, makeup can easily hide a double chin and make you ready for a selfie anytime.


Here are some DIY makeup hacks that will hide a double chin.

 Lips under the spotlight:-

 Let your lips do all the talking while you cleverly hide your double chin. Rich, dark lip color is all you need to divert attention from your jawline. Go for a stunning bold red, wine, shocking pink, or magenta color and your lips will certainly make a statement. If you feel to go another extra mile, put some shimmery gloss just at the center of your lips, and you are ready to rock.


 Perfect contouring shade:-

 A contour helps to create a shadow beneath your jawline and hides that double chin quite effectively. Choose a power formula that easily blends on the skin. Using a contour brush apply the bronzer or the contouring powder in a semi-circle shape. Blends downwards with your neck. Go for a shade one or two darker to create the perfect shadow that will camouflage your chin.


Play with your eyes:-

You certainly want attention except on your double chins. Go for a bold eye look and make your eyes the star of the shadow. Play with colors, and textures in your eyeshadow and create statement looks. You can even opt for bold eyeliner looks that will make sure that your double chin is well-hidden.


Neck to neck:- 

If you wish to keep those double chins under wraps, you need to dress smartly too. Go for deep necklines and highlight your collar bones. Apply products like bronzer and highlighter on your neck and collar bones and let them stand out. Choose a subtle toned highlighter for a more natural look and avoid glitters and shimmers.


Blending is key:-

Your bronzer, highlighter, and blush should be blended to the T when it comes to natural or clean makeup. You don’t want streaks of lines to appear on your jawline as it will attract more eyes to your double chin. So, make sure you spend time blending your products and especially on your jawline. Also, powder bronzers blend more easily than shimmer once, so ditch the shimmers.


So, your makeup guide is ready to help you hide double chins. The next time you’re asked to pose for a selfie, don’t shy away.


(This article is attributed to Celebrity Makeup Artist, Reveka Setia)

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