February 23, 2024


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Free dental visits available on Labor Day

Risas Dental and Braces make dental care accessible for all on Labor Day by offering services like cleaning, filling, simple extraction, exam and X-rays.

AURORA, Colo. — Risas Dental and Braces has been making a trip to the dental office less painful to the pocketbook for the last 10 years – with their annual Labor Day event “Labor of Love,” offers free dental care to 1,800 patients at their offices in Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, San Antonio and Las Vegas. 

Its mission is to make dental care accessible for all regardless of insurance status or financial situation.

“We’re going to give away close to $750,000 of free treatment in the four or five hours that we’re open,” said CEO Jeff Adams. “There’s only about 40% of the population that goes to the dentist once a year the way they should the other 60% only come in when they have a problem.”

The dental company is based out of Phoenix and at their event, patients choose from one of the four following free treatments: a basic cleaning, filling, simple extraction or exam and X-ray. Adams said it’s their way of giving back.

“364 days a year the neighborhoods support us,” Adams said. “So, we have to give back and this is our way of doing it.”

The company has been providing free care on Labor Day since 2011 and helped more than 500,000 patients since it started. Adams said they understand that rising costs and the pandemic have made it difficult for many to get the treatment they need.

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“Things like heart disease can start in your mouth,” Adams said. “We’ve had people that have had multiple teeth with problems and come back every year to get their treatment because this the only opportunity they have to get their dentistry taken care of and dentistry has such a broad effect on your health.”

The company helps patients like Chase Morgan who don’t have dental insurance. Morgan said that he’s happy the community has supported them for so long that they’re in a position where they can give back.

“I think that they know this stuff is expensive,” Morgan said. “A lot of people have families and newborns and it’s tough with the economy and jobs and stuff right now, it just helps people on all levels.”

The group hopes that their patients get the dental care they need and make that next trip to the dentist’s office less painful to the pocketbook.

“We hope they walk away with better health,” Adams said. “I can’t imagine any better way to spend a work day than to getting people out of pain and have no other way to do it.”

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