July 14, 2024


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‘No more dirty dishes,’ Sixteen Ounce offers convenient and personalized meal plans for a healthy lifestyle

‘No more dirty dishes,’ Sixteen Ounce offers convenient and personalized meal plans for a healthy lifestyle

Everyone has a busy schedule these days making it difficult to find time to whip up a meal for themselves and their family. 

Sixteen Ounce understands that people are always on the go, but don’t want to opt for unhealthy and costly meals. That’s why the meal prep and delivery company has created a premium lifestyle-based, no-menu meal subscription plan to make your meals personal, portioned and perfect, resulting in no more dirty dishes and grocery runs. 

The Toronto-based company offers convenient pre-ordered meal plans, including breakfast, lunch and dinner options, that are crafted meticulously and certified by chefs committed to culinary excellence. With no brick and mortar, Sixteen Ounce is a digital food hub currently offering a no-menu service, with less stress to decide on what to eat. In addition, Sixteen Ounce has a loyalty program where you can save from 10 to 25 per cent off your plan, making each meal as low as $13.50 if you are able to commit to a 24-week plan.  

Courtesy: Sixteen Ounce

Sixteen Ounce Founder Chef Cindy Fung created the meal prep company during the COVID-19 pandemic, as a means to bring food to people’s homes and connect during lockdown. 

“I wanted to create colourful, tasty, feel good foods people can be happy to eat when they open a box,” Fung says.

You might have seen Fung as the executive chef running Pray Tell Bar during the pre-pandemic days. 

“When the pandemic was happening, everyone was scared of not having food. I was just trying to cut down on cost and waste without cutting down quality,” she says. 

Sixteen Ounce Founder Chef Cindy Fung. (Courtesy: becreativemedia.ca)

Pre-ordering allows the chefs at Sixteen Ounce to source and plan just enough ingredients to make and deliver delicious meals right to your door.

“If people can relate to the food and see that their allergens, likes and dislikes are all covered. I think people will enjoy eating prepared meals more, it’s my little wellness hack. I mean, if you can just go to your fridge and get a personalized meal without having to really wash a dish, eating healthy won’t feel like a drag.”

The personalized and delicious meal plans aim to curb cravings with portion optimized eating. Heavy on protein with an assortment of vegetables and healthy carbs will help you feel full throughout the day and sleep a little better at night. The portioned meals aim to help you achieve a healthier habit— less bloating, better skin, boost energy levels and create a better state of mind as well, to name a few. 

“We are glad we can help promote a sense of mindful eating,” Sixteen Ounce Executive Chef Victrina Afable says. “It’s very satisfying when our meals get delivered to our clients. We get to encourage people to eat balanced meals. We love helping people feel good physically and mentally.”

Whether you’re seeking a quick weekday dinner or planning a meal for a family, Sixteen Ounce’s no-menu based concept is tailored to you. Creating your dietary profile to suit your diverse preferences and dietary needs effortlessly while making it possible to explore different cuisines. Restaurant-quality meals, certified by chefs, are delivered to your doorstep without the hassle of cooking or extensive prep time. Their variety includes fresh, high-quality ingredients that are locally and globally sourced. 

(Courtesy: Sixteen Ounce)

Meal options under the lifestyle plan include their omnivore, keto-primal, gluten-free, pescatarian, and plant-based. Sixteen Ounce also offers its Signature 10 and macro count program. All meals are customized based on your lifestyle, diet and allergens.

”Our aim and goals with Sixteen Ounce is to create a well-balanced meal plan for our clientele,” Afable says. 

The convenience here is key. There’s always something available for everyone to enjoy. Once delivered, the meals can be stored in your fridge or freezer (if you have a little extra for a rainy day). When you’re ready to eat these delicious creations, you can simply pop the oven-safe and biodegradable meal boxes in the microwave for 180 seconds or heat them up in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 400F. 

Meal prep and delivery isn’t Sixteen Ounce’s only expertise. The company, along with its sister company Preserve Indulgence, can elevate simple whole foods and turn them into impeccable canapes and interactive dining art to impress your guests at all types of private functions.

Currently, Sixteen Ounce is a women-led company, by Fung and Afable, with a team of BIPOC chefs. They have spent the past three years cooking, designing, and developing Sixteen Ounce and connecting with customers through food. And Fung has spent ten-plus years with Preserve Indulgence events, creating whimsical bites and memorable ambiences with her event planning and catering. 

“I love planning and seeing our events come together. There’s something magical about creating a party that everyone can enjoy themselves and have something good to eat,” Fung says.

(Courtesy: Sixteen Ounce)

Fung, aka @caviarcitizen, is a self-taught chef and event designer who is also dedicated to transforming food into art and telling the stories of her culture. 

“Growing up in a small city, Asian culture wasn’t prominent. I wasn’t sure how to speak up about Cantonese cuisine. I threw out my lunch a lot because the kids at school weren’t used to the smells— my mom packed black bean steamed pork ribs, ginger and scallion steamed fish with soy sauce and often sticky cola chicken wings or steamed with lily flowers and black fungus. I had a hard time appreciating all of it when I was younger. I just wanted a sandwich but in reality I was lost with food because I was denying all that good food, my heritage. That’s why it means so much to me to be authentic about what I make and eat now. There’s so much technique and care that goes into food— especially in Asian culture. I believe food has to be a vibe but also tell a story. There’s depth to each bite— why it should look and taste the way it does. You can tell how much care and where someone has gone to make it happen by their flavours.”

Her deep appreciation for her Chinese heritage allows her to weave together flavours, techniques, and stories that pay homage to her ancestry. 

“I hope my journey with food can inspire the next generation of chefs to keep cooking their story. If I’m able to make a difference with just one bite— I feel like I’ve done something for someone to feel good. I encourage my team to have the courage to get unique and creative with our menus.”

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