April 14, 2024


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Not just for DIY and hobbies, adhesive tape is now a beauty kit must-have

Initially used for DIY and creative hobbies, adhesive tape has recently become a beauty kit must-have.

Scoring millions of views on social networks, sticky tape is making its way into the bathroom to help smooth out wrinkles, create perfect contouring, cut bangs, draw on eyeliner and even craft a manicure.

It’s an all-purpose tool that’s simply indispensable.

Long gone are the days when you had to invest in ultrasophisticated beauty products and tools to achieve the perfect makeup look.

The advent of social networking sites, and more recently TikTok, has brought back to the fore some disconcertingly simple tips and tricks for transforming your beauty routine without breaking the bank.

Users are particularly fond of finding new uses for existing products, delving into their kitchen pantries and cupboards to take care of their skin and treat themselves to an expert makeup look.

And in doing so, they seem to have found the ultimate weapon: sticky tape.

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An instant lift

It’s impossible to miss the face taping trend, a kind of face-lift performed with – you guessed it – adhesive tape.

It might look like a joke, but the technique has already racked up almost 100 million views on TikTok.

It simply involves applying facial patches or adhesive tape to certain areas of the face – notably the forehead, cheekbones, under the eyes and above the lips – before going to bed.

According to users of the Chinese social network, this method fixes facial features in place and prevents muscles from working unnecessarily during the night.

In other words, this blocks facial expressions while you sleep to help to limit the formation of wrinkles.

Such has been the technique’s success that there are now adhesive tapes specifically designed for face taping.

Precise contouring

This soon propelled adhesive tape to the status of a beauty must-have, and led to the discovery of new, equally original tricks to expand its uses in the bathroom.

The contour tape hack, for example, has some 150,000 views on the Chinese social network.

This trick involves creating a perfect contouring effect by applying tape to strategic areas that will sculpt the face.

Simply place a long strip of adhesive tape between your lips, grab each end with your fingers, then pull it up towards the ears, and stick it in place.

Once you’ve done this, simply apply the contouring product along the top edge of the tape, up to the hairline. All that’s left to do is remove the tape and blend in the product for a perfectly sharp, even contouring effect.

Trimming bangs

While it’s always preferable to go to the hairdresser to trim your bangs, it’s also possible to save a few bucks without worrying about the end result.

And for that, sticky tape is indispensable. Not only does it hold the hair in place on the forehead, but it also ensures a straight cut.

A number of techniques are discussed on social networks, but essentially, it’s a case of combing the bangs through carefully on dry hair to get them perfectly in place, making sure to tie the rest of the hair back.

Then, secure the bags to the forehead at the desired height in order to cut off the hair that protrudes below the tape.

Another variation involves wrapping the tape around the bangs where you want to cut to ensure a perfectly straight line, but this technique requires more dexterity.

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Drawing on eyeliner

It’s not always easy to draw an eyeliner line without trembling. That’s where tape comes in, making the famous cat eye within everyone’s reach to add a retro touch to any beauty look.

Thanks to the users of the Chinese social network, anyone can now give it a go.

All you have to do is take a strip of adhesive tape long enough to attach it end-to-end next to the outer corner of each eye, passing under the nose, then stick another, shorter strip on each eyelid so that all that’s left is a small triangle of visible skin.

The final step is then child’s play: simply fill the hole with eyeliner or eyeshadow, as desired, then remove the tape to admire the result.

Pro-level nail art

Adhesive tape has long been a must-have for manicures, and even more so for nail art, since it allows you to create patterns effortlessly.

There are now hundreds of techniques, but beginners can start by using pieces of sticky tape to create asymmetrical effects with different materials and colours.

Simply place strips of adhesive on each finger so that they divide the nail in two, diagonally if possible, then apply nail polish to the visible part.

Next customise the other part of the nail, whether with a glossy varnish, a simple top coat or rhinestones, for example, to achieve a nail art look worthy of a pro – or almost. – AFP Relaxnews