July 14, 2024


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PGA Coach Thor Parrish Blends Fitness & Golf

PGA Coach Thor Parrish Blends Fitness & Golf

Lift. Eat. Golf. Repeat. 

These are the words PGA Golf Professional Thor Parrish lives by. Thor is now creating a way to blend fitness and golf to improve golf longevity.

For as long as he can remember, golf has been a major part of his life, and now as an accomplished golf professional and entrepreneur, it’s no shock he would seek new ways to grow the game. His new journey began when he created a vision to open a facility that would combine golf & fitness in a way that could improve your golf game. 

Parrish discovered Crossfit nearly 10 years ago, when his dad took him to his first Crossfit class. He quickly developed an interest in the sport and began training more intensely, becoming highly involved in the Crossfit community. As a passionate golfer, he noticed many of the first-hand positive impacts it had on his body, game, and mental health.

Now at just 25 years old, Thor is the Founder and Co-owner of Thunder Performance, a golf performance facility and gym that will open in Fort Myers, Florida, offering CrossFit Training and golf-focused instruction to clients of all ages and skill levels!

Thor is on a mission to teach golfers the physical, mental and emotional benefits of Crossfit programming and lifting. Through his own experience, he has noticed how it can really change the lives of all golfers, no matter their age or skill level. As a Crossfit Affiliate, the gym will offer Crossfit classes and facilitate personal training sessions for their clients.

Thunder Performance will also incorporate golf into the overall programming by providing an indoor hitting bay that has Trackman Launch Monitor Software, Swing Catalyst, 3D cameras and more!

But the membership benefits don’t end there. The gym will feature selected equipment and technology designed to meet the client’s needs and enhance the overall experience. They have partnered with Callaway golf to provide club fitting opportunities as well as partnered with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. Orlando Harvard, who will be able to provide in-house expertise  and services at the gym. Along with Thor (Crossfit Level 2 Certified), his wife Jenny (Crossfit Level 1 Certified), and Orlando, the staff will consist of three personal trainers, a head coach for programming group classes, and PGA Golf Management students looking to join the Crossfit community. The gym will also feature a retail shop, smoothie bar, and locker rooms for member use.

“Community is the key to long term engagement and consistency, and no one does that better than the CrossFit community. The culture CrossFit creates is the perfect environment for all my golf clients to experience long term success. I look forward to blending golf performance with the continued success record of the CrossFit culture.” says Parrish.

As an FGCU PGA Golf Management graduate, Parrish also plans to partner with the program and encourage PGM students to train at the gym. The gym is located less than 10 minutes from FGCU’s campus, which makes it easy and convenient for students to use. He hopes to inspire many to become involved in the Crossfit community and educate them on the benefits of golf-specific fitness and training. The facility will be hosting upcoming events for students to try out the gym and plans to create regular classes for students to train.

Even with a gym, a Master’s Degree, and many certifications in both golf and fitness, Thor has no plans of stopping there. As a young and ambitious PGA golf professional, Thor plans to continue to design more opportunities for golfers to continue to grow their game and fitness on and off the golf course!

For more information about Thunder Performance, head HERE!