April 14, 2024


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Psychodermatology & the ‘neuroglow’: behind the mind-skin axis

As more beauty consumers prioritise their mental wellbeing alongside their physical appearance, the concept of ‘mind-body beauty’ or psychodermatology has gained momentum. 

This paradigm recognises the intricate connection between our psychological state and the health of our skin, paving the way for innovative practices that bridge the gap between neuroscience and skin care.

Psychodermatology, at its core, explores the interplay between psychological wellbeing and skin health, offering a compelling framework for understanding and addressing a myriad of skin concerns.

Although many of experts have long been aware that there was a link between the state of mind and the appearance of the skin, more research​ is clearly pointing toward this being fact.

The market intelligence agency Mintel named ‘Neuroglow’ one of its key beauty trends for 2024, as it appears that the mind-body connection could be vital in elevating beauty’s role in whole-body health.

Right now, this transformative trend has numerous implications for the skin care category that is centred around a more holistic approach.

Spotlight on psychodermatology

According to consultant dermatologists and spokespeople for the British Skin Foundation, Dr Bernard Ho and Dr Alia Ahmed, psychodermatology is like a bridge connecting our skin and our emotions.

“It’s all about how our mental health and wellbeing affects our skin and vice versa. So, when we’re stressed, anxious, or feeling down, it can make our existing skin conditions worse, such as acne or eczema. On the flip side, dealing with skin problems can also mess with our mood and make us feel pretty lousy.”