April 14, 2024


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Six Ramadan beauty trends, from DIY haircare to fragrance

DUBAI: When it comes to personal grooming, Ramadan is all about skincare, DIY beauty solutions and fragrance, L’Oreal Middle East’s Chief Digital And Marketing Officer Olfa Messaoudi told Arab News, sharing insights from the beauty giant’s regional outlook for the holy month.

  • DIY

    “During Ramadan, the surge in interest in natural and homemade beauty treatments,” Messaoudi said.

    “Moreover, DIY hair serum recipes are gaining traction on platforms like TikTok. Hashtags related to these treatments received millions of views during Ramadan 2023, reflecting widespread interest … the simplicity and accessibility of these DIY remedies make them particularly favored, aligning with the focus on purity and self-care during this holy month. Consumers seek straightforward, natural, and hassle-free routines,” she added.

  • Natural makeup

    According to Messaoudi, “makeup trends during Ramadan 2023 included clean makeup looks, earthy and nude tones of eyeshadow, and skin-focused, nourishing makeup for a glassy, glowing look.

    “This preference for simplicity is driven by associations with purity, particularly around prayer times, leading many to opt for light, waterproof makeup that withstands ablution,” she added, referring to the process of cleansing oneself before prayer.

  • A focus on fragrance

    “The Saudi consumer has a unique taste when it comes to fragrances, favoring traditional Arabic notes, particularly oud and musk,” Messaoudi explained, adding that “DIY fragrances are also trendy in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, as well as the techniques to prolong fragrance effects such as mixing oils with fragrances and prepping the skin.”

    Messaoudi said that local scents also dominate online searches during Ramadan with a focus on regional brands and scent types.

    “Oud received the highest mentions, accounting for 32 percent of total conversations, while incense represented 15 percent of total mentions during Ramadan last year,” she said.

  • Skin and hair care

    Messaoudi emphasized the growing focus on skincare routines ahead of Eid, as many individuals experience dryness in their skin and hair during Ramadan.

    “Dermatological brands experience increased demand, with mentions dominated such as Vichy. Heavy creams are recommended for dry skin, while both commercial and natural remedies are sought for hair issues. Natural ingredients like Sidr, honey, and rosemary are popular for DIY hair masks, reflecting the growing interest in natural beauty. For example, we witnessed 60 percent increase in searches related to “honey” in Ramadan (2023), with an increase in purchase of the Garnier Honey treasures franchise.”

  • Combatting sleep loss

    “The lack of sleep during Ramadan leads to increased interest in night skincare routines, with individuals focusing on combating tiredness and dark circles. Clinical treatments such as micro-needling for facial skin were also trending, with even some males engaging in the trend,” Messaoudi said.

  • Ramadan box sets

    “There’s a notable increase in interest in Ramadan beauty boxes and mini sizes during this period, reflecting consumer preferences for convenient and curated beauty solutions tailored to the Ramadan season,” Messaoudi noted.