July 22, 2024


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Springfield woman is up for national Ms. Health & Fitness title

Springfield woman is up for national Ms. Health & Fitness title

Springfield resident Sarah Keepers is known to many as a leader in the fitness community and she’s now competing with thousands of women nationwide to be the next Ms. Health and Fitness.

The winner of the competition will be featured on the cover of Health and Fitness HERS Magazine and take home a $20,000 cash prize.

Keepers is the Fitness Director at Elements Health Club and was nominated by a coworker. After six weeks of voting, she just made the quarter finals.

As for why she wants to represent herself on a national level, she says fitness has changed her life for many reasons. After having four children it’s what she turned to.

“Through that (I) gained weight, felt like I lost myself, like a lot of parents do, I know that’s not uncommon I’m not unique in that,” she said. “So, fitness became an outlet, not only to lose weight, but also just for myself.”

She has now turned that outlet into a passion and career, helping others on their own fitness journeys.

That includes Janice Reynolds. “I feel inspiration, she has given me hope to get back into the gym, she pushes, she knows where I want to be, she knows I have goals, and she’s like you can do it,” Reynolds said.

Keepers believes that inspiration stems from her own experience.

“I can relate the most with women coming in as a woman, who was maybe afraid to try things,” she said. “Helping the women who walk through these doors, knowing that they can do it too and helping them feel confident.”

“She walks the walk,” said Elements general manager John Lee. “She has enhanced the journey of others and has helped others who have been hesitant about getting into a gym and working out an opportunity for those individuals to better their situation.”

Keepers is now hoping to bring that to the national scale.

“I’ve always had a drive to help people,” she said. “I feel like this has been my niche to do that on this platform… we all have our strengths and I feel like this is what I was called to do, and this is mine.”

And many would agree, as community voting and support is why she’s made it to the quarter finals.

“I always tell people you can do the hard things, try something new and don’t be afraid,” she said. “So, I thought, I’m just going to run with that, and I don’t want to let people down.”

Being named Ms. Health and Fitness and having the opportunity to be on the cover of Health and Fitness HERS Magazine, Keepers can take her passion for fitness and spread her inspiration nationwide.

To win, she must place first in the next three rounds. She says she is beyond grateful for the support she’s already received and is hopeful she can bring home the title of Ms. Health and Fitness with more community support. The last day to vote in the quarter finals round in Thursday June 22nd.

You can vote for free through Facebook. Click here to vote.