July 14, 2024


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Technology Market For Health and Fitness Continues to Grow

Technology Market For Health and Fitness Continues to Grow

RUMBLE BOXING, Falls Church’s newest addition to the fitness scene. (Photo: Rumble Boxing)

In today’s world, technology impacts everyone’s day-to-day life. Whether it be in transportation, work or in someone’s home, massive technology gains are here to stay. Especially In recent years, advancement in technology has been extraordinarily significant in the area of health and fitness.

Various fitness equipment and apps, such as the Apple Watch and Peloton, have provided a “smart” way for people to track their health and exercise. As with all things, some people may be skeptical about whether these technologies really do improve one’s physical health.

At Rumble Boxing in Falls Church, owner Maria Grenke said most of the fitness group’s members wear an Apple watch, Fitbit or heart rate monitor, but Apple watches are generally seen the most at Rumble. Grenke said this is due to the fact that people want to know what setting to put their watch on when exercising through boxing or strength training.

“With our members, we see the benefits of Apple watches due to being able to track their calories but also their heart rate,” Grenke said.

Released over eight years ago, Apple watches have gone through many improvements and generations. The smartwatch, calling itself the “ultimate device for a healthy life,” incorporates activity rings to show daily activity (amount of steps taken per day, workouts completed, etc.) while also measuring overall movement, tracking heart rate in case of emergency, as well as tracking one’s sleep.

Grenke said a positive impact the smart watches have had is that users want to improve their health with daily challenges, such as trying to close their activity rings. People can also be in an Apple watch competition with fellow users to encourage them to exercise more.

“My Apple watch is a good reminder that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet,” one Instagram user said in a poll placed by the News-Press.

Other Instagram users shared their personal technology they use to track their health and fitness, such as Garmin, a GPS-enabled technology, and FI Smart Dog Collar, which allows users to follow exercise routines along with their furry friends.

“I walk more and use it to help gauge how exhausted or energetic I am,” one Instagram user said about using Garmin.

One downside with the Apple Watches? “People tracking their messages when we take breaks,” Grenke said with a laugh, while also explaining that the smart watches can send users phone call or text message notifications that distract them from their fitness.

Members at Rumble Boxing also use various apps to track their health and fitness progress, such as Apple Health. Other apps, such as MyFitnessPal, can track food intake, offer personalized nutrition insights on foods a user may be eating on a regular basis and use a BMI/BMR calculator to set health/fitness goals.

“Smart” exercise equipment, such as Peloton, come equipped with Internet-connected touch screens attached to stationary bicycles, treadmills and indoor rowers to stream live and on-demand fitness classes through a subscription device. The equipment also offers “world-class instructors” classes in cycling, yoga, strength and more.