July 22, 2024


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Tradition, trend or just a quirky myth?

Tradition, trend or just a quirky myth?

In the ever-evolving realm of skincare, TikTok continues to dazzle us with an array of unconventional practices. Among the latest sensations is the intriguing concept of “belly button oiling.”

The question on everyone’s lips: does it truly hold the key to health, skin radiance and even fertility? Let’s dive deep into this trend, dissecting claims and separating fact from fiction, with insights from dermatology experts.

The belly button oiling trend

Navel oiling trend (Image via Freepik/Katemangostar)
Navel oiling trend (Image via Freepik/Katemangostar)

As TikTok trends weave into our lives, belly button oiling found its digital spotlight. Influencers and enthusiasts alike championed its benefits, turning it into a viral sensation.

TikTokers claim that it can purify blood and clear blemishes from the body. Yet, amidst the avalanche of views, some remain unconvinced. The TikTok search term “oiling your navel” has over 166 million views while “navel oiling” has another 306 million views.

This flurry of interest prompts us to question – is this trend a game changer or just another fleeting obsession?

Decoding Ayurveda’s wisdom

Ayurvedic tradition (Image via Freepik/Freepik.Diller)
Ayurvedic tradition (Image via Freepik/Freepik.Diller)

To grasp the roots of belly button oiling, we journey to the heart of Ayurveda. This ancient Indian healing system emphasizes balance between the mind, body and spirit.

According to Ayurveda, the belly button or “nabhi,” is a vital point connected to various organs through energy pathways. Applying oil here is believed to promote harmony and vitality.

Traditionally, sesame oil is used for its therapeutic properties. It’s a potent source of antioxidants, which can bolster skin health. While science may not fully endorse the metaphysical claims, there’s no denying the cultural significance of this practice.

Does belly buton oiling improve fertility? What do the experts say?

Boosting fertility (Image via Freepik/Freepikdiller)
Boosting fertility (Image via Freepik/Freepikdiller)

Amid the clash of perspectives, a middle ground emerges. Dermatology expert Dr. Benjamin Barankin proposes a practical approach.

While he acknowledges that oiling the belly button might help ease debris removal, he cautions against expecting miracles. The idea of fertility boosts and menstrual cramp relief, he gently dismisses as wishful thinking.

Rather than anointing your navel with oil, Dr. Barankin encourages good ol’ soap and water for skin care. And as for the Ayurvedic faithful? Well, if tradition is your compass, a little belly button TLC might just bring you closer to your roots.

Dr. Ellen Gendler’s critique of belly button oiling hits hard, drawing attention to a neglected part of our body. She questions the veracity of fertility boosts and menstrual cramp relief, noting that our belly buttons aren’t conduits for such miracles. Instead, they’re more like cozy crevices for unwelcome guests like dirt and debris.

So, where does that leave us? In a world captivated by TikTok’s ebb and flow, belly button oiling remains an enigma. Dermatology experts may temper our expectations, yet Ayurveda’s wisdom keeps the flame of tradition alive.