April 14, 2024


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Watch your hair grow with my DIY hair treatment – I promise it’s super simple and a best-kept secret

A LITTLE-KNOWN beauty secret has helped one woman grow enviably long and voluminous hair.

She mixed three natural ingredients to make the homemade treatment that stimulates hair growth.


Naomi shared a three-ingredient hair treatment that she uses for growthCredit: TikTok/naomiifelton

Naomi (@naomiifelton) has garnered almost 37,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares self-care tips.

The beauty guru went viral on the social media app after revealing how a DIY treatment has helped grow her locks.

She described it as the “best-kept” secret as she began to prepare it using a sprig of fresh rosemary, mint, and cloves.

Walmart sells fresh rosemary and mint for $2 each and whole cloves can be found at the store for $3.

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She added the three ingredients into a saucepan full of boiling water.

The mixture became rich brown as she left it to simmer on medium heat for five to 10 minutes.

Naomi waited 25 minutes to start straining the liquid and then transferred it into a bottle that would make applying it to her hair easy.

An almost identical bottle can be found on Amazon’s Dioche store for $7.20.

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She divided her hair into sections as she began to apply a “generous” amount of the mixture from the tips of her hair to the roots.

She twisted each section after it was saturated in the mixture and then covered her hair with a shower cap and satin scarf.

Naomi recommended leaving the treatment in overnight before rinsing. 

“I promise this is super simple,” she said. “Apply once or twice a week and watch your hair grow.”

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The video was watched over 1 million times and 56,000 people liked it.

“Rosemary has worked WONDERS for my hair. I’m gonna try adding a few cloves,” one person commented.

“I used this after I cut my hair and it grew my hair back so fast,” another said.

Naomi’s DIY hair growth treatment


  • Fresh rosemary
  • Fresh mint
  • Cloves

Step one: Add the three ingredients to a pan of boiling water

Step two: Let the mixture simmer on a medium heat for up to 25 minutes

Step three: Strain the liquid and transfer it into an applicator bottle

Step four: Apply the mixture to the hair in small sections from the tips to the roots

Step five: Cover the hair with a shower cap and satin scarf then leave the treatment to sit overnight

Step six: Rinse and style the hair

“This works wonders, it has helped me with my dandruff and growth,” a third wrote.

“Did this and put them into spray bottles for protective styles like braids,” another added.

“Froze the bulk of it and left one bottle in the fridge.”

Scientific studies and personal experience suggest that rosemary oil can protect against hair loss and promote growth.

Research shows that the essential oil is as effective as hair loss treatment minoxidil.

However, according to VeryWell Health, the results will be “different” when mixing fresh rosemary leaves and water at home.

Further research is also needed before calling peppermint a remedy for hair growth. 

Naomi recommended applying the treatment once or twice a week for optimal results


Naomi recommended applying the treatment once or twice a week for optimal resultsCredit: TikTok/naomiifelton