April 14, 2024


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Whitney Port Says She ‘Doesn’t Look Healthy’

Whitney Port admits she “doesn’t look healthy” in a candid episode of her podcast that addressed her weight and her relationship with food. 

About a week after addressing fans’ concerns about her health and sharing that her husband Tim Rosenman had similar worries, Port, 38, opened up about her health on Tuesday’s episode of her podcast, With Whit

“I’m clearly not eating enough and how I look right now does not look healthy — it’s not how I want to look,” Port shared after saying she initially didn’t want to address the comments about her weight.

“Getting on the scale was really an eye opener,” she continued. “I think that once you see the numbers, the numbers can’t lie and I had no idea that I weighed as little as I did.”

The Hills alum spoke about how she thinks her time on the popular reality series at a young age prompted an early reflection on her appearance.

“I definitely remember when I was on The Hills and I saw myself for the first time on TV, I was a little bit shocked. I was like, ‘I feel a little pudgy and I would like to lose a little weight.’ I think that was probably a self-reflection people don’t normally have or have to have,” she said. “I think that started maybe a slippery slope of some control issues, just control over what I look like.”

She also addressed the “salacious” articles and social media content about her weight and health, and cleared the air on a rumor that she’s never tried pasta out of fear of gaining weight: “It has nothing to do with nutrition and that it can be a cause of weight gain. It’s a pure texture thing.”

Whitney Port/Instagram

The former reality star said she often complains about feeling a “lack of energy” and thinks that “part of that stems from not giving myself what [I] actually need.” The podcast episode’s guest was Food Network’s Katie Lee Biegel, and Port said their conversation came at a good time because she wants to “get more into the cooking game” to improve her diet and eating habits. 

Port also told her listeners that she didn’t want them to worry about her because she doesn’t think “it is as big of an issue as it may seem” before she promised to change her habits and thanked fans looking out for her wellbeing. 

“I want to eat thoughtfully, I want to put the right things in my body and I also want to work out in a way that will build muscle — I’m on it, guys,” she said. “Thank you for caring, thank you for your love, your support. I appreciate the community on here.”

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Port previously opened up about her weight on her Instagram story in late July after receiving a flurry of comments on a bikini snap she shared from fans who said they were “worried” about her. 

She echoed the comments from her candid social media post on Tuesday’s podcast episode, writing on her Story that her appearance is “not something I strive for.”

“I always feel hungry but I just don’t know what to eat. It’s not how I want to look or feel though,” Port wrote. “My excuses are that I’m too lazy to make feeding myself a priority or I’m too picky when it comes to taste and quality.”

She promised to focus on her health at the end of the post, as she did in the podcast, writing: “Both are unacceptable and I don’t want to set an unhealthy example so I promised Timmy and I’ll promise you that my health will be a priority.”