April 14, 2024


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Woman Shares DIY Beauty Hacks Saving Her Hundreds a Month, Internet in Awe

It’s not lost on anyone that beauty treatments are expensive and more Americans are spending their hard-earned cash on personal maintenance than ever before.

In 2021, roughly 44 percent of surveyed shoppers in the U.S. told the data-gathering platform Statista that they spend anywhere between $1 and $50 per month on online beauty product purchases. If you take into consideration the cost of in-salon treatments, which can include everything from a bog-standard haircut to a luxury facial, the monthly expense will be much higher.

As the beauty and personal care industry continues to grow, one beauty blogger has shared what she does to avoid the high prices most people pay.

Nazeea, 24, who is based in Toronto and posts on TikTok as @nazeea, loves her DIY personal maintenance routine. In a viral video, which has been viewed more than 7.8 million times since it was shared on February 7, she showed off her at-home threading routine, which was followed by an at-home manicure.

A file image shows a woman at a beauty salon. A woman has shared on TikTok her at-home beauty routine, which probably saves her hundreds of dollars every month.

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The social media influencer was able to smoothly remove any facial hair, exfoliate her face and apply a fresh set of acrylic nails, all without the help of a salon professional. She also used a facial serum. The at-home beauty routine, which included a new set of false eyelashes and a face mask, is estimated to have saved her up to $300 per month.

Nazeea, who has over 242,000 followers on the platform, captioned the post: “Much needed.”

What Do the Commenters Say?

Since it was shared to the social media platform, the post has been liked by over 1.1 million TikTok users and commented on more than 4,000 times. Plenty of viewers have gushed over Nazeea money-saving routine, with some pointing out how much money they think she has saved.

“The way i can literally see the difference in your skin after that mask,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Need to get her famous like Monet.”

“Threading your brows on your own makes you ELITE,” a third user wrote.

A fourth user wrote: “Easily just saved $6540.34.”

“Just saved $1,000,” added another TikToker.

Another user commented: “Tutorial for threading eyebrows [please].”

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